EcoShale® Technology

EcoShale Technology is the Economic and Enviromental Choice

Red Leaf Resources, has developed the EcoShale In-Capsule® technology to economically and more environmentally produce high quality liquid transportation fuels from oil shale.

EcoShale In-capsule Technolgy from Red Leaf Resources on Vimeo.

In very simple terms, EcoShale involves surface mining oil shale, placing it into a clay-lined excavation, covering the shale with layers of impermeable clay and soil, and then heating the shale with natural gas via steel pipes to the point at which pyrolysis occurs and oil, condensate and natural gas are produced.

The EcoShale process uses very little water – primarily for dust remediation and saturating the bentonite amended soil lining for the capsule – and reclaims the land with each capsule that is built. Reclamation begins as the capsule is heated.