Holliday Block

Holliday Block Project - Seep Ridge Canyon Utah, USA

The Holliday Block, about 12 miles northeast of Seep Ridge, and also a subset of Red Leaf's Utah oil shale portfolio, is comprised of approximately 6,000 acres of rich, surface-mineable oil shale. Supported by preliminary resource reports, the Holliday Block is estimated to hold approximately 479 million barrels of oil that can be recovered using the EcoShale® technology.

The Holliday Block is also part of the joint venture with Total. Current resource estimates for the Holliday Block are based on publicly available drilling and core data, primarily from the Utah Oil Shale Database. This database consists of drilling, core data, and Fischer Assay data from hundreds of oil shale cores drilled in the Uinta Basin oil shale formation. Red Leaf will also perform additional studies on the Holliday Block to further validate the Utah Oil Shale Database and provide more current and relevant data for a Holliday Block resource report. 

In addition, Red Leaf continues the pre-planning phase on the Holliday Block to identify permitting, power, unique mining requirements, and other infrastructure needs. The joint venture will create a second commercial oil shale project at the Holliday Block after Seep Ridge is operational.