EcoShale® Technology

Key elements of process
  • Direct, down-flow zone heating in steel drum retort
  • Process temperature produces less CO2 than historical retorts
  • Process occurs in batches with production smoothed by sequencing
  • Heat cycle is faster than in-situ and slower than traditional retorts
    – Creates lighter oil than traditional retorts but heavier than in-situ
  • Allows for the collection of produced water
  • Primary water use is for dust control in the mining process
Intellectual Property
  • 24 U.S. patents granted, 8 pending
  • 85 foreign patents granted, 115 pending
Strategic alliance with Hatch Engineering
  • World class engineering company that has partnered in the development of EcoShale® technology since 2008.
  • Hatch will be responsible for development and engineering of the Process Design Package (PDP) for all EcoShale® projects.

Red Leaf’s EcoShale® Technology

  • Mined oil shale is conveyed to a closed container devoid of oxygen (retort drum or capsule)
  • In the retort drum, shale is heated to pyrolysis by injecting hot working gas
  • Heat is transferred by gas convection in the rubblized bed
  • Results in high yield, good quality oil (~24° API)
  • Spent shale (post retorting) is re-deposited in mined pit for reclamation
  • Semi-batch process with multiple units operating in sequence