• The EcoShale® TechnologyResponsible Extraction with High Quality Results. 

  • Global Oil Shale ResourcesEstimated Trillions of Barrels of Recoverable Oil.

  • Career OpportunitiesUpcoming Job Openings with Red Leaf 

Oil Shale on a Commercial Scale

Red Leaf Resources is poised to become the industry leader in commercial oil shale production.

Red Leaf revolutionizing commercial oil shale production. It will be the first major production in North America in decades. Within its current Utah holdings alone, Red Leaf will produce approximately 400 million barrels of oil over the next 20 years. In addition, Red Leaf is licensing its technology to help develop oil shale resources all over the world.

Red Leaf’s EcoShale® technology is changing the face of oil shale production. 

NOSA Part 1 - Extracting oil shale responsibly is part of the energy solution. 

  • Oil Shale vs. Shale OilUnderstand the difference between oil shale and shale oil.

  • Environmental FootprintLearn how Red Leaf's technology reduces the environmental footprint.