The Oil Shale
Industry is Evolving

Community Benefits of Utah Projects:

  • briefcase Provide hundreds of well paying jobs in Uintah County
  • drum-drop Provide a steady base of low-cost oil production in what has been very volatile production in the Uinta Basin
  • education Begins to unlock the billions of barrels of untapped natural resources in the Green River Basin for future generations. Based on one 12,000 bpd project at Seep Ridge and two 24,000 bpd projects at Holliday, the projects together would be expected to generate over $13 billion in royalties for the School Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) based on the 2017 International Energy Agency’s New Policies Pricing Scenario. And this is just the beginning of the potential in Utah and the Green River Basin.
  • leaf Improve the wild game carrying capacity on reclaimed land and promote increases of habitat for critical species of plants and animals

Stakeholder Benefits of a Jordan Project

  • energy drop Core technology for integrated power, oil, and refinery
  • drum Initiates Jordanian oil production and moves them toward oil self-sufficiency
  • briefcase Provides thousands of well paying jobs
  • legal Helps provide economic and political stability in a critical region of the world


Our mission is to improve the livelihoods of people through advancements in oil shale technology and energy production.


Red Leaf’s technology will become the technology of choice to fill the oil supply gap for years to come. It will enable the safe, responsible development of oil shale resources worldwide. We will continually improve our technology both in terms of economic competitiveness and environmental footprint.


Our strategy is to promote the responsible development of our oil shale resources in the United States, and support those who license our technology for the development of their resources domestically and internationally.